Databricks Value Accelerators

Our suite of Value Accelerators fast-track the time to success across the Databricks platform. We deliver tailored, results-oriented solutions, including the Brickbuilder-certified Lakehouse Onboarding, along with our DataOps with Unity Catalog, ML Onboarding, and MLOps with MLFlow accelerators.


Unified Analytics Consultancy

As a Unified Analytics Consultancy spanning Analytics Strategy, Data Analytics, Data Science, and Data Engineering & Infrastructure, we bring a comprehensive understanding of the Databricks Lakehouse ecosystem.

Our ability to provide practical solutions within a condensed timeframe is what sets us apart. In just four weeks, we can implement a range of value accelerator use cases tailored to your specific needs, meaning you'll see tangible improvements in your Databricks operations in a remarkably short period.

Beyond the immediate acceleration, we dive deeper into building and refining your analytics strategy, harnessing advanced data science, or bolstering your data pipelines and infrastructure – with Aimpoint Digital, you're not just receiving a service but gaining a strategic partner!

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Certified Brickbuilder Accelerator Offering

The specialized Lakehouse Onboarding program eliminates the learning curve, empowering teams to swiftly harness the platform's capabilities. This program delivers a fully working, best practice, end-to-end data pipeline built on Unity Catalog for data governance, security, and discoverability. This pipeline serves as a robust foundation that can be leveraged to build out your entire Databricks analytics capabilities.


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Lakehouse Onboarding

  • Foundation Built Right: We lay down a strong foundation, incorporating industry best practices and engineered for resilience, scalability, and security to empower modern businesses.
  • Robust Infrastructure: Engineered for resilience, scalability, and security utilizing your choice of AWS, GCP, or Azure platforms.
  • Automation: Integrated CI/CD Process with ready-to-use Prod and Non-Prod Workspaces
  • Analytics Unlocked: A fully functional pipeline that delivers genuine analytics capabilities.
  • Data Governance: Utilize Unity Catalog to govern data and enhance collaboration, security, and discoverability across Databricks workspaces.
  • Empowerment and Learning: We offer comprehensive training for your team.

Our Databricks Value Accelerator Offerings

Our customizable Value Accelerators are proven in the industry, and we tailor them to deliver your specific use case: 


DataOps with Unity Catalog

  • CI/CD Framework
  • Unity Catalog RBAC including Governance 
  • Data Quality Framework

ML Onboarding

  • Use case ideation (e.g. optimization, forecasting)
  • Data prep & feature engineering
  • Model development and deployment for pilot use case

MLOps with MLflow

  • Register model in MLflow
  • Automated model validation framework 
  • Model development lifecycle framework
  • Model retraining

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We work hard every day to enable you to get the most out of your data and technology investments. Whether it be defining a vision and strategy or executing on tactical use cases, Aimpoint Digital helps you take an idea from thought through execution.